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The success of Tahir Enterprise Ltd. (TEL) can be attributed to our Ability to operate as a unified team. We have a highly knowledgeable professional management team and a carefully selected staff. This team brings a broad cultural diversity; currently, we employ people from different communities with diverse backgrounds.

TEL develops comprehensive Project Logistics and related Service plans tailored to meet specific requirements of customers. This is accomplished by learning customer’s exact objectives with regards to their internal and external requirements, thus ensuring that TEL will provide quality services more consistently than any other service provider in the market.

Our team’s extensive operational excellence experience, quality of execution in, professionalism, reliability, and commitment continually ensures that we provide satisfaction to our Clients. We have a proven track record for efficient various International-Local Tendering Business, Civil Constructions-steel structure, transportation & logistics services, also various Trading businesses usual etc. With Government plus Private sector, Our Company is dedicated to excellent customer service by providing the best integrated services to our clients.

Tahir Enterprise Limited is a leading equipment rental service company in Bangladesh with the capability of providing a wide range of construction, heavy equipment rental related solutions and value-added services to our customers. TEL serves a diverse range of customers including leading construction and E&M engineering projects. TEL rental equipment principally covers power and energy equipment, high-reach equipment, material handling equipment and other equipment (include lifting, earth moving, foundation, road and transportation, tunneling, demolition, small equipment and so many things..)

We believe our principal strength is our capability to satisfy customers’ different equipment service needs. For example, we provide equipment planning consultation; offer a wide range of equipment for rent; procure equipment from different suppliers for sale to customers who wish to purchase equipment, provide on-site services such as equipment installation, operation, re-fuelling and maintenance, disassembling, technical support, transportation services and supply spare parts; and provide sales channels for customers who wish to dispose of their used equipment.

With our extensive experience and technical expertise, we are able to provide a range of equipment planning and execution services including job planning and advice on selection and utilization of equipment, with an aim to achieve higher efficiency, save cost and reduce impact on the

Under the strong leadership of our founders, Mr. M.S Tahir, who has over 20 years of experience in the industry, TEL possess in-depth knowledge of the equipment rental market in Bangladesh, and have established strong and strategic relationships with our major suppliers and a large customer base. We have grown through different phases of the Bangladesh economy to become a major player in the equipment rental industry and have participated in numerous large landmark construction projects.

We believe that our equipment rental-related solution provision capability, strong and well maintained equipment fleet, operating and technical service support and well established relationship with major suppliers and wide customer base provide us with a solid platform for our further expansion and long-term growth.